Journal Entries

We want to save time in our Accounting Department. Is there a way to upload journal entries?

The short answer is, “Yes”. Amazingly, the capability to upload journal entries has been part of the functionality ever since GL4 was created; however, not all users have been made aware of the function.

There are a few simple steps you must do prior to being able to upload. First, create a new library and copy GLPITRN from the General Ledger data library to the new library (I like to use JE#FILE for the new library name). Second, create a new description key in the Description File. The description key must begin INTERF and end in two characters. I like to create the description key INTERFUP. The Key Description may be whatever you want; however, the Key Data must be the name of the new library, in this case, JE#FILE. Finally, download the GLPITRN file to an Excel spreadsheet and make certain you check the “Save transfer description” box when you download the file.

Once the setup is complete, all you need to do is put the journal entry into Excel, upload the data and tell the system to interface the journal entry to the General Ledger. To interface the data, go to “Period End Posting” , “Interface” and put a “1” next to the record which has same name as the library you created.

The journal entry will show up in your journal entries waiting to be posted under “Journal Management”.